December 20, 2021 | Fairlyeven

Closing the gender pay gap

Closing the gender pay gap

Women earn less than men. The gender pay gap can be seen in all occupations and remains an unresolved issue across the globe. Even if a woman and man work the same hours and take on the same role at their company, they will not be compensated equally. 

Why does this happen? What can we do about it? How to close the gender pay gap? Keep reading to find out.

Steps To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Understand that the COVID pandemic has affected the industry

COVID-19 has affected our personal lives and business in many ways and resulted in working women — especially working mothers and senior-level women — facing various challenges.

76% of working women with children under 10 said that childcare is their biggest challenge than the fathers with young children. They are also worried that their performance will be judged negatively because of these tasks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in our society, it’s becoming increasingly clear that women are at a disadvantage when downshifting their careers or leaving work due. Women currently make up 1.5 times more likely than senior-level men can think about quitting because of this virus, and things will get even worse for other working women.

Mind this gap but never ignore it

Before bringing the, we have to increase the awareness about it. For most people, it's difficult to understand how the gender pay gap affects employees, especially if you are not among the affected ones. For many of us, the working world was initially made by men, for men.

Stop asking salaries

During the hiring process, it is a common question how much the candidate currently earns. Many organizations then offer an X% increase according to their answer. Looks simple, but actually, this enforces the gender pay gap. Instead, companies should observe the market salaries to ensure all employees are equally paid.

Diversify interviewers

Businesses and organizations must understand that they have to diversify their workforce, but not many understand this crucial point. For change to happen, they need to diversify the interviewers.

Ensuring interviewers are changed decreases the tendency to acquire the same sort of candidates over and over again. It also eliminates the chances of unconscious bias.

Transparency in compensations

A woman can never ask for equal pay e if she doesn’t know how much her male counterparts are making. Furthermore, when pay is kept as a secret, women suffer more than others.

Pay audits

Another simple way to close the gender pay gaps is to perform thorough pay equity audits. Try to find errors and discrepancies between pay rates and make sure all staff members with the same experience and in similar job roles are getting the same pay regardless of their gender or race.

Encourage female leadership

Recognizing the contributions of high-achieving women in your workplace will allow you to plan for future success. Conduct active, engaging, and ongoing conversations about their progress, and try to set career goals. Encourage working women to hunt opportunities at all organizational levels.

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