December 20, 2021 | Fairlyeven

How to price copywriting services

How to price copywriting services

Before starting your writing business, it's essential to know how much to charge for your services. It looks like a straightforward task, but many factors go into correctly pricing copywriting services. Make sure you consider these things before setting the price of your work.

Hourly Copywriting Rates

Most copywriters don’t like to charge on an hourly basis, but still, you should know your hourly copywriting rates.

How to Calculate Hourly Copy Price?

The first thing to consider when pricing copywriting services is your experience level. Are you an experienced copywriter, a junior copywriter, or mid-level?  

Then, you need to figure out the average hourly copywriter rate in your vicinity. Ensure to take your work experience level into account. The easiest way to do it is to Google average copywriter rates in your area/city.

You can charge more for copywriting that reflects your expertise in the field. If you’ve got a niche market or are considered an authority figure, take advantage of this angle to earn even more money.

The average hourly rate for a copywriter in the United States is around $25, but it can range anywhere between $25 and 40.

Copywriting Project Prices

Many writing agencies and writers prefer to price a copywriting project through a project quote.

How to Calculate and Determine Project Quotes

Project Type:

The first thing here is the type of project. Try to determine whether you will be writing short landing pages or a lengthy email sales funnel; not all projects are the same. Besides, some industries or niches are easier and quicker to write than others.

Scope of the project

This is extremely important. Before invoicing the copywriting project, ensure you are fully aware of the project, what the client wants, and what you will need to fulfill the task. 

Some consumers may not know if they’re requesting wrong things different from the original project with creative writing. You need to be clear in your invoice and quote.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • How many hours do you need to concept this copywriting project?

  • How many hours do you need to communicate with the customer? Think about emails, discussing the project, and feedback sessions.

  • How many hours do you need to edit the project?

  • In some cases, do you need to set some time for revisions after obtaining the feedback? Never give unlimited revisions. One or two revisions are enough.

Even if you price your copywriting services, you need to know your hourly rates. Take this hourly rate, and determine the number of hours required to finish the entire project and your hourly rate to create a quote.

Pricing Copywriting on per word basis:

Here, you are given a price for each word written and the number of words completed. This pricing method is not common in American copywriting. Instead, you will see this pricing method with Asian copywriters. In our humble opinion, don’t opt for this invoicing method as it limits your creativity to just cents on the dollar-not good.