First, click “ Add Contract” in the Contracts section. Second, fill out the titles, names and addresses of the sender and receiver. Third, fill out the terms of the agreement. Fourth, sign the bottom with your mouse or finger. Fifth, send to collect an e-signature.

Profiles and Portfolios show who you are, what you've done, and how you like to get paid. 1. Create a username, and add your bio and profile picture. Then CLICK SAVE. 2. Click portfolio and add pictures of your previous work. 3. Put your personal links in the save payments section. CLICK SAVE. You can select which way you want to get paid when you make invoices from the links that you have put here.

To invite a customer, click the Customers tab and type in the person's email to send an invoice or contract. You can see the status next to their name. If they are a Fairlyeven member already, they will appear under Customers. If they are not a Fairlyeven member yet, they'll receive an email invitation from you, once they accept, they will show up under customers.

Please log in the dashboard and watch the video for the service that you are interested in. Then, fill out the form for more Information on that product or service.

Yes, We are available on iOS and the Google Play Store.

We provide LEADS to our users. We have unique features that focus on supporting the independent sales professional or small business.