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Beth Brown

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Beth Brown is a Brooklyn based entrepreneur whose core mission across all of her business adventures is to spread love & help others to level up their personal & professional lives. Brown is a Christian confidence coach, speaker, a published author & Women Empowerment Award recipient. She is the owner & CEO of Babs Photography LLC & the founder of The Black Business Connector. For 20 years Brown was an educator in high need, low income schools. Building student self-confidence was always her top priority in the classroom. As a result, teaching hurting Christian women & men how to forgive & love themselves by transforming their mindsets so they can live free from shame, perfectionism or feeling unworthy comes naturally to Brown. She has spoken on various platforms where she has shared her testimony of how she spent 3 years working on redefining & healing her identity after a physically traumatic experience & then a heartbreak. She feels a deep & urgent desire to support others as they learn to flourish, redefine & love themselves & is daily helping others to heal emotionally & spiritually. In April 2022, Brown published her 20 Day Forgiveness Journal; See Yourself In A New Light As You Transform Your Thoughts So You Can Release Unforgives & Receive Love More Completely. Through her journal she shares 20 journaling prompts so others can experience mindset transformations and live lives of freedom, peace and authenticity. Brown’s most recent publication is titled Evict Fear: The 20 Day Challenge.