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Hoda Mohajerani




CHAKRA CHAI® IS ON A MISSION TO NOURISH AND HEAL PEOPLE AND PLANET THROUGH REGENERATIVE BUSINESS PRACTISES AND PRODUCTS OF THE HIGHEST INTEGRITY, DEVELOPED ON AYURVEDIC PRINCIPLES. We are a California based impact company founded on the Ayurvedic principle of the Interconnectedness of all Life. We support local and global regenerative practises and economies, to create Sustainable Futures for us all. The axis at CHAKRA CHAI is service to people and the planet. We believe that the journey towards physical, emotional, environmental and economic health begins in the heart - that which reflects our humanity and at its highest iteration, our divinity. CHAKRA CHAI’s vision, mission, our commitment to integrity, transparency and heart-centered consciousness, all arise from this Intention: We were created from Love and from Love, we create. Discover our Products and our SEVEN CHAKRAS SEVEN CAUSES™ Impact Model.