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Connor Meyer

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Hello! I am a seasoned problem-solver, coach, and leader with over 10 years of operations and logistical management experience at the direct, organizational, and strategic levels, largely from my military officer career where I served for 8 years in the US Army Infantry, finishing up my time in the service as an Executive Officer of a combat arms company. Managing and influencing people while solving complex problems, under high pressure and stress, is my forte. My skill at creating buy-in cultures is steadfast and unconventional. I am able to apply outcome-driven analysis to improve operations, increase efficiency, grow revenue and profit margins. Within every organization I have been privileged to be a part of, I've mastered the customer relationships and experience through effective communication and influence tactics. My approach is transformational, as I'm a natural coach and communicator with an operations and systems mindset, with an unwavering drive to do what is ethically right and to create positive change to my surroundings. After leaving the service since the beginning of 2020, I have served in multiple industries ranging from construction to banking within various managerial or consulting roles. In 2021, I created The Flagship Group, a virtual coaching company, in order to pursue my passion of helping coach military veterans to successfully transition and others to achieve personal/professional success in their lives. Shortly after the launch of The Flagship Group, as an avid licensed skydiver, I was invited as a co-founder for a tech startup in the skydiving industry, called Skydive Republic (2022). The goal of Skydive Republic is to modernize and grow the sport and safety of Skydiving throughout the country, and ultimately, the world. Skydive Republic is currently developing and launching its first product and service which will be provided through our app! My passion in life is for leading and influencing individuals and organizations to achieve success, while driving continuous improvement. My goal in life is to leave every environment I'm a part of, better off than how I found it. Let's connect and see how we can help improve each other's lives personally and professionally!