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I currently am an Agency signed model/actress, DJ & on air personality full-time. I’m looking to work in entertainment, fashion and/or sports. I have worked with serval front offices such as the NBA, WNBA , NHL, NFL and worked with other affiliates such as the MLB (as talent) & ESPN (as Talent). I have also been an agency signed model for over 10+ years and have worked in the fashion industry with brands such as Nike, Jordan brand, Athleta, Columbia sports wear, Reebok, Under Armour, Dick Sporting Goods, EBay, Champ sports, Casper etc. As for on air personality host, I have worked with Shade 45 SiriusXM, Rush 93 SiriusXM, MSG, ESPN + and host my own podcast “Maria in the Mix”. I work with Wilhelimina models & InnovativeArtists currently. I am an athlete and former professional basketball player. One of my hobbies is photography (my favorites being candids) and traveling. Other personal hobbies include dancing, music, and sports! I love to surf and swim let’s go to and island! Love is love and positive vibes all day.