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Pamela Caceres




Pam is a proud Latina entrepreneur from New Jersey. Her passions have always revolved around mental health, décor/design and music. These passions eventually led to her earning a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Central Connecticut State University while interning with several event planners to enhance her skills in planning and designing, as well as interior styling. After several emotionally challenging life transitions experienced in a span of two years that led to severe panic attacks and depressive episodes, Pam decided to come back to her mom’s house and heal in a space where she felt safe. During this time, Pam started creating a coaching program entailing all her passions where she could feel whole while also helping others feel whole. She changes her clients lives by introducing her “declutter, gutter and butter it up” method which allows you to align your life goals with the design of the spaces you spend the most time in. Pam’s energetic personality along with her authenticity, as she emphasizes on always being true to all her passions, has allowed her to tell her story and inspire others to increase life satisfaction and manifest the life they’ve been craving for a long time.