Tools That Make Your Businesses Boom!

Market Rate Intelligence

See how you are pricing your services compared to your peers. Fairly Even has a market rate algorithm that uses the following data: gender, age, location, race, project type, project duration, the skill needed, and other factors to recommend a fair rate for services. This proprietary tool helps freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with reasonable pricing.

Credit Repair

Credit repair is like fixing a bicycle that has some broken parts. People and businesses have something called "credit," which is like a report card for how good they are at borrowing money and paying it back. If their credit report card has bad stuff on it, like not paying money back on time or other mistakes, it can make it hard for them to borrow more money or get a new bike. So, credit repair is when they try to fix those mistakes.

Infinite Banking

Infinite banking is like having a special piggy bank that can help you with your money. Instead of using a regular piggy bank, some grown-ups use something called "whole life insurance." It's like a special kind of savings plan. They put money into it, and over time, it grows and becomes more money. Then, when they need some extra money, they can borrow some from their special piggy bank. It's like having your own bank at home! They use it for important things like buying a new toy or fixing the roof of their house. This way, they don't always have to go to the big banks for help.

Commercial Lending

Financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, offer loans to businesses for various purposes, including working capital, expansion, equipment purchases, and more.

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Upload and send proposals to your clients in under 30 seconds.


Upload and share your contracts with clients to receive an e-signature. We do not charge for the receiving and e-signing contracts.


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Create surveys to collect data.