December 06, 2021 | Fairlyeven

How do you price fencing jobs?

It's not surprising that the cost of fencing jobs varies widely. The type and size of materials used, labor involved, and even your location can change the price significantly. Thus here are a few essential things to consider before you price your fencing jobs.

Scope of work

Before you quote any job, you should clearly understand the scope of the work. Then you should calculate cost estimate vs. cost budget. Here is how you do it:

Job location

Determine whether the location is far away from the office or close to it as it will have an effect on the pricing.

Fencing size

Determining the fencing site is vital as it will help you to set the price. Accurate measurements also help to determine how much material you will need to do the job.

Accessibility issues

A complete walkthrough of the job site is essential, and it can obstruct your fencing work. Take photos, notes, and share them with your client.


One of the most critical aspects of pricing a job is determining what materials will be needed. Make sure you list out all necessary supplies before giving your quote, so there are no surprises later on.

Estimate time

This is the difference between the amateurs and the professionals. Maintain a record of how long it will take you to complete the task and remain honest with yourself and your working capacity.

Estimate the material cost

The material costs directly affect the scope of the work and the baseline cost of the task.

One common mistake that many service providers make is not to record materials markup adequately. It is the marked-up price that you will mention on the quote — not the cost of the materials.

You need to work out the material cost first, and then you can add a markup on those material costs. Lastly, remember the details and finishing touches. These minor costs can significantly affect the material costs.

Estimate labor costs

Labor costs significantly affect your revenue up to 30%. Some service providers limit the number of employees on the job site. While some limit their time on the job. Regardless of how you do it, calculate labor costs accurately.

Calculate overheads

Your overheads are indirect and direct costs such as uniforms, property rent, equipment cost, insurance expenses, and other tools you will need for that fencing job.

When pricing the fencing job, you need to consider these costs, or else you will immediately be in the red zone.

Tally it up

Finally, you have to sum up all your expenses and costs, including material, labor, and overheads.

Add profit margin

The general rule to calculate your profit margin is net sales minus labor cost, material cost, and overhead costs. The higher your profit margin, the more money you will get.

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