December 20, 2021 | Fairlyeven

How ePayments improve your customer service?

How ePayments improve your customer service?

So you have a thriving business, and your customer service team is on the ball. You’ve got 100% positive feedback from past customers. But there's always room for improvement! One way to improve your customer service is by offering ePayments as a payment to your customers.

With ePayments, you can significantly improve your services. If you don’t know, read on to find how ePayments can improve your customer services.

Allows you to Sell convenience

If you often send invoices via email to your customers, just think about your email inbox. Our email inbox is often flooded with new alerts, newsletters, and online fliers, and the same is the case with your customers' inbox. Often people overlook important emails due to all that clutter, and your email gets buried under new alerts, newsletters, and other similar items.

If your client opens your bill and they view a glossy Pay Now button, all they need to do is provide their debit or credit card info, and it is done! And after a few minutes, the money will be in your bank account.

Nag them less

You don't have time to phone and email clients about the payment issues. They would rather not hear from you on this topic either. People are busy and so are you. 

In this case, the ePayment option with card vaulting can be handy as it allows you to securely store customer payment details and other similar information. Thus the first time they provide their payment details to you, it will be the last time.

It offers you an edge over others.

You are doing everything in your power to make customers' lives easier. Why not take care of the payment process too? The extra touches and services you provide them—from sending reminders and texts about upcoming jobs or deals to follow-up emails after a task is completed. 

These things will help enhance how people perceive themselves and what type of service they can get if using yours. This gives you a definitive edge over your competitors.  

If a new customer is testing out various services and your business makes it quicker and simpler for people to pay for services than the others, you can easily guess who that consumer is more likely to engage with?

Give them choices

With the use of your phone or tablet, you can now shop at hundreds if not thousands of stores without ever having to carry cash. The convenience is amazing. As long as anyone has an internet-connected device, then they can purchase using nothing but their fingers and hand gestures.

Less hassles and troubles for your customer means quick payment for you. And troubles in payment processing means one more outstanding payment for you. All that convenience is possible because of the ePayment.

We are there for you!

Interested in offering ePayments to your clients? Our experts have various practical and viable options for you that you can offer to your clients. Contact us now and spend more time working on other key business areas and less time chasing down outstanding payments.

Contact us now before it's too late! Spend less time chasing down outstanding payments while we help take care of everything else--integrating the system is just one thing our experts do best.