December 20, 2021 | Fairlyeven

How to Price Services Using Fairly Even

How to Price Services Using Fairly Even

Do you have a business? Do you provide services? Do you want to know the best way to set your prices so that your customers are happy and profitable while still keeping your business afloat? This read will teach you how to price services so that they remain profitable for you and satisfactory for your customers.

Know the completion and market.

You need to know your consumers' needs, what others are offering, and how much they are charging. This helps you in determining where you and your services fit in.

The general rule is to match or stand ahead of the competitors' prices. However, if you are selling a bargain product and your target customers are cost-conscious, you should set your prices at the minimum.

Generally speaking, price acts as a signal for the consumers. A low price means low quality, and a high price means high quality. Try to find the balance as per the market’s position.

Pricing objectives.

After considering the objectives of your pricing strategy, make a choice that will help you achieve them.

Moreover, if you have multiple products or services, determine these fit together? Pricing a product at different prices across the range increases its appeal. And you might also want to set higher prices for premium products or services, so they stand out in your catalog.

Figure out your costs.

Ensure that the price you set covers all expenses and costs, whether they are direct or indirect. Usually, direct costs are variable and increase when you make or sell. For example:

  • Raw materials used in manufacturing.

  • Packaging

  • Distribution

Indirect costs are fixed. These costs can include:

  • Development costs of a new product or service.

  • Employment costs

  • General overheads such as rent.

Your price should cover all of these costs. If you have a range of services or products, each of them can significantly contribute to these costs.

Figure out cost-plus pricing.

Try to determine what percentage of your fixed expenses your product needs to cover. Then, sum up these costs and divide by volume to get a break-even point.

Furthermore, add your profit margin to the break-even point. Observe the industry norms and standards to set the appropriate profit margin.

Try to Fix a value-based price.

Cost-plus pricing means how much you should charge to generate a handsome profit. While value-based pricing is different and includes how much users are ready to pay.

Here we advise you to compare your product or service to the competition. You can also ask your current customers what they value in your service or product, which competitors have the high rates, and why they buy from you.

Always stay on your toes.

Prices never remain fixed for long. Your price, customers, and competitors can change at any time. Hence you will have to make adjustments to your prices to keep up with the industry and market. Keep an eye on the market and talk to your clients to maintain optimal prices.

We Know How To Price!

Are you struggling to price your product or service?

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