Michael Barris



Michael Barris is a transformational speaking coach who helps people achieve their full potential and organizations to empower talent through the embrace of his audience-focused system of principles for high-level speaker performance. Drawing on a background as a Rutgers University public speaking instructor, award-winning public speaker, professional musician and Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal journalist, Michael's approach adopts the methods and frameworks of professional performers to empower new and aspiring leaders to not only give direction and guidance but to inspire productivity and personal change. His bestselling book, "How to Become a Super Speaker: The 7 Principles for Speaking with Confidence and Connecting with Audiences," lays out seven principles for making spoken presentations effective and memorable through an informed understanding of the behavior of audiences. His transformational signature talk, "Become a Super Speaker: Accelerate Career Growth with An Audience Focused Performer's Mindset," shows users how to apply his "Inspired Principles in Action" public speaking system in everyday practice for consistent career growth and business success.

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